Microsoft demonstrates cross platform play with Windows 8

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There’s a lot of talk about Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 at the moment, which you can now try for yourself, but we’ve generally ignored it as it’s not really got much to do with gaming. Until now.

Microsoft has now announced that not only will Windows 8 be fully connected to Xbox Live but that it will also allow cross platform play.

But before you PC fans explode with the giddy joy of finally showing the console gamers how great your mouse control is it’s worth reading the fine print.

Windows 8 is going to allow asynch cross platform play, or in layman’s terms it’s going to allow turn based gaming across platform.

So your dreams of playing Battlefield 3 between PC and Xbox 360 is going to have to wait, until eternity, as it doesn’t look like Microsoft is interested in attempting that again after the disaster that was Shadow Run.

Source: winrumours

Last Updated: September 16, 2011

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