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Microsoft discontinuing 20GB Model?

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Secret Rumour The one thing that I still love about E3 is how it seems to make all the insiders leak secrets in the run up to it.

It does however sometimes feel that they are just trying to get some publicity.

Arstechnica has received a tip from one of their secret insiders who has said that Microsoft are going to be dropping the 20GB from their future lineup and going with a 60GB model instead.

Now honestly I don’t see the point in doing that at all and it sounds like something a disgruntled PS3 fan has made up.

What would be a lot more logical is for Microsoft to start selling more Xbox 360 harddrive accessories at a much more reasonable price.

The vast majority of people won’t need more than 20GB on their consoles and for the heavy users there is the Elite… Then if they released a 80GB drive for R400 it would solve the middle users problems…

So I call BS on this one.

Mole: Microsoft to drop price on 20GB 360, make room for 60GB

Last Updated: July 1, 2008

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