Microsoft dominated Black Friday, say analysts

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In the US, Black Friday is easily the most important single sales day for platform holders. With insane specials, consumers rush to stores (or shop online like smart people) and pick up games and consoles for cheap, ready to sit under Christmas trees for nearly a month. It’s usually a pretty good indicator of which platform holder “wins” the important holiday period in the US. According to analysts, it was very likely the Xbox One that was this year’s Black Friday champion.


According to analysts firm Infoscout, Microsoft’s console accounted for 53% of all console purchases during Black Friday sales at retailers. Of course, one of the primary reasons for that is that the console is significantly cheaper than the competition, coming in at $70 less for most Black Friday bundles. Combined with the Xbox 360, Microsoft platforms accounted for 62% of consoles purchased.The PS4 had a pretty good weekend as well, accounting for  31% of the consoles sold – exactly half the Xbox platform. The poor Wii U came up at just 6% of market share over the Black Friday weekend. 92% of those Wii Us were purchased by parents as gifts for their children.


InfoScout collected this data from 180,000 mostly willing participants who were incentivized to send in pictures of their receipts with their phones from retailers such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, RadioShack, GameStop, and others. It’s a pretty decent sample, I’d imagine. What does this mean to you? Very likely nothing, but more console sales means even more support for all of the new systems. Except mayhaps the Wii U.

Last Updated: December 1, 2014

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