Microsoft: 'Every game will work with every 360 system'

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About a week ago, we posted a story about potential future Xbox 360 games that actually would require you to own an XBox 360 SKU that comes with a HDD i.e. a Pro or Elite system.

Well Microsoft have denied this….kinda. An MS spokesperson told gamepro the following when asked if future games will need a HDD:

Every game will work with every Xbox 360 system. But just like some games will require you to have a Memory Unit to save games, some games will require you to have a Hard Drive to experience them.

Well thanks for clearing that right up :). What exactly does “experience a game” mean? It means playing a game, right? So he basically denied the rumour in the opening line and then confirmed it in the next breath.

Well we’re just gonna have to wait and see what kit is REALLY a prerequisite to have in order to play upcoming 360 titles.

Source: gamepro

Last Updated: August 6, 2007

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