Microsoft giving back to all those who bought the MW2 DLC

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The first Modern Warfare 2 map pack was released last week and if my friends list is anything to go buy the map pack is quite a success with a large amount of people re-entering the MW2 arena over the weekend.

Well those people have some more good news this morning with Microsoft refunding everyone who paid for the MW2 DLC on day one with an extra 7 days of Gold Membership.

Apparently this free gift hasn’t got anything to do with Live suffering a mild stroke on the launch of the DLC and is just their way of saying thanks for being awesome.

Or more accurately, if they claim it is a refund for the Live outage then they owe it to all Live subscribers which will cost them a mini fortune so they are taking the cheap way out instead.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: April 6, 2010

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