Microsoft goes on a recruitment drive for Project Natal & Halo

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In recent weeks I have seen a marked increase of gaming positions being advertised by Microsoft.

I have never thought about it before but how hard must it be to hire people for a project that hasn’t yet been announced and cannot be announced until after a specific date? I can only presume pretty hard because all the positions are still available and a whole pile of new ones have now been added to the mix.

The differene now being that they are now stating that these positions are for Project Natal and their Halo development team.

So if you are interested in joining the world of gaming or just want to try and sneak into the Redmond campus to take a look at the next Halo or Project Natal then check out the list of positions currently available.

Lead Technical Artist – Project Natal
Senior Environment Artist – Project Natal
Lead Environment Artist – Project Natal
Audio Director – Project Natal
Lead Software Development Engineer – Project Natal
FX Artist – Project Natal
Creative Director – Project Natal

Animation Director – Halo  Team
Lead Environment Artist – Halo Team
Executive Producer / Group Manager – Halo Team

The other notieceable recruitment drive at the moment is Radical Games who have 11 positions being advertised for what appears to be a new Wii game. You can check out their entire listings here.

Last Updated: June 9, 2009

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