Microsoft going to ban you for modding a box

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It seems someone has finally gotten around to reading the terms and conditions of the Xbox Live service and now have their knickers in a knot about the fact that Microsoft can ban you for modding the fan on your Xbox 360.

According to the T&C….

The Service may only be accessed with an original Xbox or Xbox 360 console or by logging into your account via

Now it is obvious that Microsoft don’t want people to chip their boxes or mod them to allow cheating, but it does get a bit frustrating when all you want to do is personalise your box.

I am not 100% sure where I stand on this, on one hand I agree it’s the buyers property and they should be allowed to do whatever they want, and on the other hand it is great playing knowing that the vast majority of people are not cheating.. Unlike my old PC days…

MAXCONSOLE – XBOX 360 – Microsoft allowed to ban Xbox 360 consoles which have fan modifications

Last Updated: December 26, 2007

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