Microsoft : Huzzah! We are the Digital Distribution Leaders

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Somehow forgetting the existence of Valve’s Steam, Microsoft have proclaimed themselves to be the undisputed leaders of digital distribution. This comes after the 200 percent increase in sales since last year. Admittedly, this was bolstered by a fantastic summer line-up of games, including Shadow Complex and Trials HD, both of which – according to Microsoft – broke sales records.

"It’s clear that we’ve had an incredibly successful summer, and the Xbox Live community loves the innovative gaming experiences we deliver," said Xbox Live digital download director Scott Austin via press release

"We are the leader in digitally distributed games, have the best partners in the industry and work closely with them to offer the best in downloadable content and entertainment."

Aiding their boasts is the success of the online quiz show 1 vs 100, which has been downloaded  three million times during its 13-week pilot season – and while it may be a little premature to hail themselves as the champions of digital distribution, thanks to the intrinsic nature of Xbox Live they are certainly making inroads in to showing how it can be viable, even on consoles.

Last Updated: September 22, 2009

Geoffrey Tim

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