Microsoft is spending more than Sony on TV ads…

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…and getting less out of it. Because people still watch TV for some reason, people still use the medium as an advertising platform – and they spend a rather whopping amount of money doing so. According to TV ad-tracking company iSpot.TV,  Microsoft has spent more than $47 million for Xbox One ads on television this year, as opposed to Sony’s $30 million. With that money, Microsoft has seen 5,000 commercials air, while Sony has had around 3000. That extra exposure must be doing Microsoft some good, right? Not really.

Let’s start with where they’re advertising. These are the shows that Microsoft is putting its money in to, in TV advertising from Jan 1 to October 21 this year.

  1. NFL Football
  2. 2014 FIFA World Cup
  3. Talking Dead
  4. MLB Baseball
  5. Family Guy

The PlayStation 4 list is rather similar.

  1. NFL Football
  2. Sportscenter
  3. Fox Sports Live
  4. Family Guy
  5. WWE Monday Night Raw

iSpot doesn’t only track how many ads were commissioned or how many times they aired, but also the effective action taken from them, and using some sort of statistical wizardry my brain couldn’t even begin to comprehend, have found that Sony’s getting its money’s worth for its advertising. Microsoft, however, isn’t. Things like searches, sharing the ads virally, or talking about them on social media count as resultant online actions.

“Since Jan. 1, Sony’s PlayStation 4 ads have resulted in approximately 5.49 million online actions. Microsoft’s Xbox One TV spots only led to around 4.65 million actions.”

Essentially, Microsoft is paying $17 million more, and getting 15 percent less traction from it. Of course, this doesn’t quite paint a whole picture. Sony’s ubiquitous Destiny ads, which were part of a co-operative advertising deal with Activision, haven’t been counted in this at all.


Last Updated: October 28, 2014

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