Microsoft Kick Off E3 With A Megaton Of Big Announcements and Reveals!

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Last night, right before Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, I was sitting wondering to myself what exactly they could show that would really be impressive.

I mean sure, we all knew the motion controller was going to be shown, but really, Microsoft looked like they were going to have a boring year, leaving Sony to really shine. About an hour later, I collected my jaw off of the floor and started shuffling through my notes all so that I could actually report on everything that has been shown.

I really didn’t expect a good showing from them, and I don’t think Sony or Nintendo did either, so the game is on. We have some great reports for you today, read more after the jump for more info on what’s happening.

I will be posting up a couple of articles in succession, spaced closely apart so that I can get everything in, so over the next hour or so, the posts will be coming up one after another, each containing groups of announcements.

We hope you guys enjoy the first day of our E3 coverage, it’s already looking very exciting and it’s only going to get better from here on in.

Last Updated: June 2, 2009

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