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Microsoft Launches Their Own Online Store

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So Microsoft has a new online store that has just gone live. You wouldn’t be wrong for expecting some cool exclusive toys or game related paraphernalia to be lying on the virtual shelves, but the reality is far from that.

Kotaku is reporting that Microsoft has joined Sony, and much of the rest of the 21st century, by opening their very own online store.

Unfortunately, the store appears to have nothing special about it at all. No limited Gears of War lancer replicas, Exclusive Halo Kubricks or anything like that. Instead its the standard run of the mill stuff you would find at any other online store. Sad really as there’s huge potential here for Microsoft to cut out the middle man in turn offering lower prices and more exclusive swag. Instead games are set at the recommended retail price which unfortunately makes them slightly more expensive than most other sites. A missed opportunity indeed.

*Ed: just to clarify, Microsoft has before had an online store. I remember nearly buying software and games from them about 10 years ago, however the pricing wasn’t great and they didn’t deliver to South Africa at that time. Much like they still don’t appear to.

I don’t know if they ever shut the store down but it looks just as lousy today as it did 10 years ago, I have a feeling they will never offer good prices through to store to ensure that they don’t annoy their retail partners.

Last Updated: November 18, 2008

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