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Microsoft more supportive of creativity than Sony? Garbage

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There is a story doing the rounds at the moment that apparently Microsoft are more supportive of creative staff than Sony, the story is based on an interview of Kudo Tsunoda by kikizo.com but in all honesty I just don’t believe it.

While reading through the interview I get the distinct impression that Kudo thinks very highly of himself, which isn’t a bad thing, and is more interested in taking swipes at his previous employer than anything else. Which is a bad thing.

Sony are many things but to say that they do not support creativity is going a little far, the problem with Sony is that they have possibly allowed to many creative people to make decisions instead of business people and have now ended up with a fantastic machine that nearly does everything but misses out on it’s core use because of the creative architecture.

You can read Kudo’s interview through the link below.

Source: Kikizo.com

*Aren’t your proud that I managed to stay away from Kudo’s to Kudo jokes?

Last Updated: December 4, 2008

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