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Microsoft not only worried about Sony

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Microsoft doesn’t see Sony as their only competition.  As much as people like comparing the consoles and discussing the possibility of a console war, the reality is that this isn’t just about the Xbox One and PS4 – there is plenty of competition from a variety of companies.

At a roundtable, Don Mattrick (Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business president) told a group of outlets

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to comment on Sony’s vision.  I think they are one of the competitors inside the space, Nintendo’s another… Apple, Google, Samsung. There’s multiple people who will bring things into the market.”

It would seem that Microsoft is trying to win their share of the market against all the big boys.  Apple, Google and Samsung are all very active in their pursuit of home entertainment.  Although I must wonder why someone would buy an Apple TV in order to stream their Netflix, Hulu and iStore content when it doesn’t offer the other capabilities that a console does – I’m not just talking about gaming but also Blu-Ray.

 It makes sense that Microsoft is taking this stance, and it’s nice to see other people ignoring the console war idea.  However, I wonder if the Xbox One is falling into that classic trap of being a jack of all trades, and master of none.  At least Sony is insistent that the PS4 is all about the games and gamers – CEO Kazuo Hirai reaffirmed that commitment.

 I use my PS3 for games, but also as a Blu-Ray player, media PC and for Netflix.  I’m not sure I would have forked out that cash solely for Netflix or Blu-Ray – I was driven by gaming and happy to have added value.  How do you use your consoles?  Do you think maybe Xbox is competing in an unfamiliar market, hence their PR mess?

Last Updated: May 31, 2013

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