Microsoft offers up a Halloween gift – Fewer pirates on Xbox Live

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It appears that Microsoft were not in the giving mood this Halloween and rather went for the Trick part of the famous trick or treat.

Instead of offering up free points, membership or games they decided to unleash yet another wave of Xbox Live banishments for pirates, cheats and hackers.

In an act of ultimate irony the newly banned pirates have invaded the official forums to report the problem and complain about Microsoft’s right to do such things.

As always I congratulate Microsoft for attempting to keep the network fair and clean, it’s unfortunate that these cheap ass pirates are so persistent  but I strongly expect that Microsoft will just keep on doing this and hopefully continue to deter more would be pirates from joining the mix.

So once again, if you notice a bunch of your friends suddenly reset to 0 and no longer online it may just be time to remove them from your friends list for good.

Last Updated: November 2, 2009

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