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Microsoft points to finally be axed?

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dinosaur-deadMicrosoft’s much despised point system may finally be getting the axe but is this a good thing for gamers in South Africa seeing that a lot of us are using the UK or US stores instead of our local one?

When Microsoft initially announced the point system it was hailed as a great way to level the playing field across regions with games and DLC being priced in points instead of regionally inflated prices.

However while the prices were equal across regions (mainly) the point cards themselves still suffered from the regionally inflated pricing and the odd numbering of the points cards left you with a permanent bank of points that you couldn’t use thus giving Microsoft some great profit for nothing.

Well according to The Verge these points may be on their way out as the latest build of Windows 8 still accepts points but also now accepts credit cards and in fact defaults to credit cards.

This is great news for everyone in the EU and America but may be bad news for us in South Africa as our store is still a long way behind international standards and if the points are in deed axed for good from the UK and US stores we’re likely not going to be able to buy things online anymore.

Hopefully Microsoft carries on down the line of Windows 8 by making credit card payments the standard but at the same time still allows for the point system so that we can keep on getting the latest and greatest titles on international release date.

Last Updated: October 9, 2012

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