Microsoft PR department in overdrive

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If anyone was delusional enough to think that Microsoft was going to take the HD-DVD hit lying down then they had another thing coming. A truly oozing press release has been sent out by Microsoft to the major media houses and once such journalist has published the entire thing online.

To be honest it reads very well and makes you believe that the PS3 and Wii are already out of the running. Which is the point I guess. However they do post some facts in it which are very interesting to read… The best being

While final sales numbers are still being collected, consumers in North America have spent over $3.5 billion dollars on Xbox 360 hardware, software and accessories.  That’s $1 billion more than consumers spent on the Wii, and $2 billion more than the PS3.   When December data is added, we expect Xbox 360 in 2007 to have generated more calendar year revenue than any other gaming platform ever, including PS2 at its peak.


Now that is some achievement, to add to that they now have over 10 million people on live, over 17 million consoles sold and have hosted a total of 560,000 people years of gaming on their network…

Those are some pretty impressive numbers and I would say this is the first real trumpet blowing of 2008. You can’t argue with success, however can they keep it going?

Meanwhile, this Xbox 360 memo showed up in my inbox – Tech Talk with Dean Takahashi –

Last Updated: January 7, 2008

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