Microsoft ramps up its offensive against cheaters, hackers and nudists

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The latest Major Nelson podcast has Stephen Toulouse, Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement chief, chatting about the rules and regulations around using Xbox Live as well as letting us know that they are really ramping up the protection level thanks to an increase in phishing and hacking attempts.

According to Stephen if you get caught hacking or phishing online now you will be banned from Xbox Live as well as your console receiving a life long ban and any other console you have used will also be included in that ban*. He then goes on to warn the violators that if the offense is serious enough then the punishment will not end there and they will be asking law enforcement to drop past your house and have a chat…

Remember logging into someone elses account and using their credit card details is fraud and you can be put in jail for that.

In other news he also stated that appearing in front of your Xbox Live Videocam nude is against Xbox Live policies and you will be banned for that as well, so hopefully no more fat guys in your UNO lobby.

He did mention that you can set your video footage to only be viewed by those on your friends list so if you really have to play strip UNO online you still can, but obviously Microsoft does not endorse that so keep it under your hat.. er if you are wearing a hat that is.

Source: MajorNelsonPodcast

*Microsoft will only ban consoles you have used if they can prove you did something illegal on that console as well

Last Updated: August 3, 2009

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