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Microsoft reacts to digital price complaints, raises prices

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I’m one of the few people around who is against digital sales of video games and not for the normal reason of wanting to have a physical copy. No I foresee digital sales eroding our industry, especially in smaller countries.

So I for one understand why the digital pricing is set at the same price as retail, even though that’s a ridiculous way to protect the industry and serves simply to enrich a few.

Recently Sony was criticised for the high price of their digital titles and responded by dropping the price. Now Microsoft has been in the spotlight for their pricing and have also reacted… by raising the price of the titles.

According to a post on Nowgamer Microsoft has raised the digital price of Forza 5, Dead Rising and Ryse: Son of Rome from a previous mark of GBP44.99 to GBP49.99. Why they have done this appears to be lost in the realms of time but I’m going to stick it down to greed and wanting more blood from their consumers.

High digital pricing is here to stay so how can the model be changed to help support the local industries in the regions?

Personally I’d like to see a system where if I buy a game made by Activision here in South Africa on my Xbox One then a set percentage of that money is given to the local Activision distributor and the local Xbox One department. This way we know that paying for games online locally results in the local industry being rewarded and our country receiving some sort of benefit from this to avoid the constant outflow of money that exists in today’s digital world.

The chance of a multinational corporation like Microsoft agreeing to something like this? About 0.00000001% I think, but this is exactly where governments need to start focusing their efforts before all the smaller economies are decimated by corporations.

Last Updated: December 11, 2013

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