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Microsoft: Resolution and Framerate aren’t key

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Microsoft’s Xbox One is currently under fire for what’s been dubbed Resolutiongate. The Xbox One versions of multiplatform games run at lower resolutions than their PlayStation 4 counterparts. Heck, even some of the console’s biggest exclusive launch titles aren’t able to hit that sweet 1080p resolution. Microsoft says that stuff doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the games themselves.

Speaking to Rev3 Games (via Eurogamer), Microsoft’s Phil Spencer affirmed that games should be about more than framerates and resolutions; they should be about the actual games.

"If people want to get hung up on the numbers, they can do that, but really what they should be looking at is what’s on screen, with the controller in their hands, and play[ing] the game," he said "If they really care they can go play Forza at 1080p / 60 fps; a beautiful game. But games should be defined by more than their framerate and resolution. I think this is an industry about fun and people should put the controller in their hand – or gesture – and play the games and decide what they like. I think that’s the soul of what this industry’s about."

In principal, I completely agree with him. Games really are about more than how many pixels they’re made of. However, in this case it really does just smack of damage control, especially considering those same games perform better on Sony’s cheaper hardware. 

Last Updated: November 7, 2013

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