Microsoft says it wants users to graduate from the Wii

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It’s glad to see that Sony doesn’t have the monopoly on arrogance.

Jeff Bell the VP of Xbox marketing has been chatting to 1UP and has stated that he wants Wii users to graduate up to a certain experience…

Virtually everyone in the gaming industry has been saying since the Wii was announced that it was a fad and that it wouldn’t last long. However Nintendo are proving them wrong again and again. You would think they would start to be more cautious about the little white box from Redmond…

To give him some credit though he did say he wanted the Xbox and Wii to live side by side in people’s houses. So he is not saying the Wii is a waste, just that the 360 is better.

I have a strange feeling the Xbox department would like to graduate to the profits of the Wii though.

Source: PC World

Last Updated: January 30, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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