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Microsoft selling second hand consoles as new?

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When your Xbox 360 RROD’s in SA you can just take it back to the shop and they will instantly replace it and give you a brand spanking new one, but have you ever stopped to think where your old console ends up?

Well previously we were told that they were sent to the Xbox repair centre in Texas and then stripped down and used for spare parts if a 360 needed repairing. Well it seems like they may have had to many just for repairs and have decided to get rid of them in a new way now.

There is a new special in Europe where you can get a Xbox 360, 2 wireless controllers and 2 games for 199 Euro’s… Now that’s quite a bargain.

However a French website, Logic Sunrise, has opened up 10 of these new machines only to find that they are in fact second hand machines that have been repaired….

Is it worth getting an old console if you are also getting an extra controller and two games for free? We are looking at a saving of around R1400 there….

In my opinion, absolutely not. It’s unethical selling second hand hardware and I fully expect someone to sue them over this.

What they should rather do is organise a deal with some online stores to sell the repaired Xbox 360’s for R1000 with a full warranty, then they will see stock moving.

MAXCONSOLE – XBOX 360 – MS selling old consoles as ‘new’ – buyers beware

Last Updated: May 16, 2008

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