Microsoft shows off a new controller free experience

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Even though the Kinect has many limitations it is still the only viable controller free gaming experience that currently exists but this doesn’t mean that Microsoft isn’t looking at other options moving forward.

Digits is their new controller free experience, that requires a controller of sorts…

Basically it is a small device that you strap onto your wrist and it can then track all your finger movements accurately. This combined with Kinect would finally give us that Minority Report effect we were promised with the release of Kinect.

The video is a research one so unless you are interested in the technology behind Digits you may find it boring. I on the other hand found it incredible, the way they track the fingers is so simplistic and yet so intelligent at the same time.

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While I’m not sold on the gaming aspect of this controller I would kill to have it attached to the bottom of a watch (smaller though) and then I could use it to control my iPhone while riding or just wandering around the shops.

Source: Microsoft Research

Last Updated: October 10, 2012

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