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Microsoft starts up another mass banning tidal wave

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ban_hammer It’s a sight the really cheers me up, watching filthy pirates moaning and complaining that the evil Microsoft has once again decided enough is enough and have started turfing them all of Live.

Reports started popping up everywhere last night that people were either receiving console bans (where the console can never go on Live again) or they were getting account bans (where their gamertag can never go on Live again).

Apparently these morons were surprised that there stealth hacks had been picked up by Microsoft and are now scrambling around to try and resolve this issue by actually phoning Microsoft and pretending that they aren’t pirates.

If you are a regular visitor you will know how much we hate pirates here at Lazygamer and anything that can be done to stop this scourge will always be well received here.

If you are ever tempted by someone to hack your console just remember that no hack is ever going to stay hidden from Microsoft for long if you are going on Live and you will end up being banned, or even worse they may decide to make an example out of you and seeing that piracy is a criminal act you could even find yourself on the wrong end of Bubba…

Source not listed as they are advocating piracy.

[Thanks ewie for the tip]

Last Updated: November 12, 2008

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