Microsoft takes a stab at Sony’s constant remakes

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It’s not often that Microsoft would compliment Sony and the PS3 and generally when they do it’s more like and underhanded stab than a real comment.

And thankfully the petty corporate bickering is still going on with Phil Spencer of Microsoft saying that Sony has done a fantastic job with the current crop of HD remakes.

He told Gameinformer, via Gamezone, magazine

Sony’s done a great job with looking at their back catalogue and selling those games again

And then continues to clear up that the recent Halo HD remake wasn’t the start of a HD remake trend but rather a celebration of the game.. yeah right.. but he also goes on to say

I [don’t] want to get into a world where people felt like I was just trying to sell them things that they’ve already played.

Ah the simple beauty of an underhanded compliment / attack.

Personally I agree with Phil and have very little desire to see any old games simply remade into HD for this generation.. unless of course it’s Police Quest or Quake 1. Then it’s different, because you know those games are awesome.

What do you think, are HD remakes just milking us or is it something you really enjoy?

Last Updated: January 24, 2012

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