Microsoft thinks Scorpio will bring an end to their console generations

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Microsoft believe console generations are over

Console generations and their place in the industry are on borrowed time. The emergence of the likes of the Xbox Scorpio and Sony’s own PlayStation NEO clearly indicate that the two biggest players in this space are realising that a single piece of hardware lasting for 6-8 years just isn’t feasible anymore. But does that mean the idea of upgrading wholeheartedly from one piece of tech to another is over too? Microsoft believes so.

Speaking to Engadget at Gamescom, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg expressed agreement with the notion that Scorpio would be breaking the console generation cycle for Microsoft, marking a new dawn in the way console hardware is built, marketed and sold. Because the Scorpio isn’t aiming to leave the Xbox One user-base behind, Greenberg stresses that this isn’t a new generation. He believes that the age of having to leave everything else behind when you do upgrade is essentially behind all gamers.

For us, we think the future is without console generations; we think that the ability to build a library, a community, to be able to iterate with the hardware — we’re making a pretty big bet on that with Project Scorpio. We’re basically saying, “This isn’t a new generation; everything you have continues forward and it works.” We think of this as a family of devices.

That said, Greenberg did note that nothing is set in stone regarding the future. Microsoft is playing all their chips with the Scorpio and hoping that it pans out. They will, however, be looking at customer feedback extremely closely to adjust how the move forward from there. The positive response to Scorpio already gives Microsoft and Greenberg a lot of hope already.

We’re going to learn from this, we’re going to see how that goes. So far I’d say, based on the reaction, there appears to be a lot of demand and interest around Project Scorpio, and we think it’s going to be a pretty big success.

It’s an understatement to say that the existence (and proximity) or both Scorpio and NEO makes the console space far more exciting and unpredictable that it has been in a while, and it’s really up to both Sony and Microsoft to steer this future forward in the best way they can. While the Scorpio will only launch at the end of 2017, Sony is set to reveal their NEO just next month – with a rumoured release date before the end of the year.

Last Updated: August 18, 2016

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