Microsoft to buy EA games – Sony and Activision will not be pleased

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A weird rumour has popped up on the internal stock market over night with Reuters of all people posting that Microsoft are looking at purchasing EA Games in full.

The rumour is currently being looked at seriously with shares in EA Games shooting up by 8% but really can really be good for the gaming industry. I would highly doubt that the PS3 software development side of the company would be treated fairly if this takeover happened and seeing as EA are the second largest software (gaming) publisher behind Activision it would pretty much cripple Sony’s chances of winning or even competing fairly in this war.

I think Joystiq’s header image (stolen and pasted above) also depicts perfectly how Activision must be feeling right now.

However if you look at this purely from a business point of view EA would be a great acquisition for Microsoft and seeing as they both operate in all countries they could save a bomb by merging and slashing costs which are duplicated worldwide.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: September 24, 2009

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