Microsoft to lay off 15 000 employees?

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Is Microsoft the next big corporation to be hit by the economic downturn?

According to unsubstantiated rumours Microsoft is lining up to let over 15 000 contractors and Agency Staff go. Microsoft is sticking to their normal ritual of refusing to comment on rumours and I for one am not sure how true this one is going to be.

We all knew Sony was struggling a little so seeing them cut costs is no surprise, EA’s big hitting titles didn’t hit hard enough last year and as such they will also be looking at the bottom line.

The Xbox 360 had it’s best year ever so I doubt the cuts would hit their department, however Vista has been far from a success and the Zune is yet to even attempt to take the world by storm.

So could they cut 15 000 employees which would work out to be about 20% of it’s workforce? Highly highly unlikely.

Could they cut 10% of their workforce (9,423)? More likely… but either way it won’t affect our hobby, for now.

Source: Edge

Last Updated: January 6, 2009

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