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Microsoft to unveil IE9 for the Xbox 360 at E3

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Earlier this year we were all of the opinion that the next Xbox would be revealed at E3 this year but that’s looking incredibly unlikely at the moment.

And the latest rumour is not making me feel any love towards Microsoft, apparently the big Microsoft reveal at E3 this year is going to be Internet Explorer 9 on the Xbox 360… with Kinect integration.

I don’t want to browse the Internet on my TV, I don’t see the point and will likely use this feature once and once only to see what it’s like.

Opening up my Xbox 360 to the dangers of the Internet is not something that fills me with joy and throwing dodgy voice commands on top of that just makes everything worse.

Whoever thought this was a great idea in the dungeons of Redmond should be dragged outside and shot. I want new franchises, better hardware and new unique experiences coming out of the R&D department at Microsoft.

I don’t want them working hard to shoehorn in unwanted software and burdening the already ageing architecture with extra overhead.

Last Updated: May 11, 2012

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