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Microsoft is working with developers already to future proof Scorpio, and not focusing on Sony

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Xbox Scorpio is already helping developers future proof it

Microsoft might have not matched Sony in terms of raw games at their E3 conference, but they certainly stole the show when it came to hardware. Whether Sony delayed they’re own reveal of the PS4 NEO after catching wind of the Scorpio or not is not yet known, but it’s tough to say Microsoft’s “refresh” wasn’t done without class. Aside from the ridiculous specifications of the device, Microsoft made sure people knew developers were behind them. And it’s those developers that are already working on Scorpio’s future.

Microsoft came under a little bit of scrutiny for revealing a console that won’t be out at least until the end of next year, but Microsoft Studios’ General Manager Shannon Loftis sees this as a positive. Speaking to the Guardian in an extensive interview, Loftis explained that the early reveal of Scorpio is allowing developers to already think about how their games will utilise its performance, and help future proof the console well ahead of launch.

Many of our developers are already doing it – they’re already working to bring 4K gaming to the PC environment. We can use the work they’ve done and bring that to console. We can make sure that, through the Windows 10 development environment, they can put one or two features into a game to future proof it against Scorpio. Taking advantage of dynamic scaling and things like that, a game they make for Xbox One today will run beautifully on S and run beautifully and look better on Scorpio.

Later in the interview, Xbox head Phil Spencer also said the Scorpio (and many of Microsoft’s new policies with Xbox) aren’t attempts to match what Sony is doing with the PlayStation. Instead, Spencer says these are results of listening to their customers directly, which is evident after the backlash the company suffered after the Xbox One was considerably less powerful when compared to the PS4.

Sony is doing incredibly well with the PS4 but they’re doing something fundamentally different from us. We’re not building a strategy in response to what they’re doing, we’re building a response to what I see customers and gamers asking us for.

It’s a fascinating interview to read through in full, but also clearly shows Spencer and Microsoft’s message of intent. They are fully aware of the shortcomings of he Xbox One (a console Spencer wasn’t head of department for from the start), and they’re being proactive to help build a stronger future for Xbox. Whether Scorpio is the dawn of that really seems like the focal point right now.

Last Updated: July 12, 2016

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