Microsoft’s motion gaming cost comparison

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According to Kotaku these images were sent by Microsoft internally to prep their employees on the cost of motion controlled gaming by it’s competitors and to prove that they are the cheapest option.

While I think it’s comparison’s to the PS3 are accurate I would have to question why I need a Wii Fit Balance Board to enjoy Super Mario Galaxy 2 on my Wii?

Here is the cost of becoming a top motion controlled gamer from scratch


As we can see Microsoft are by far the cheapest, that is until we realise you don’t need the Wii balance board and can actually get into gaming on the Wii for under $300.

And here is the cost of upgrading to Motion Controlled Gaming


Here you could argue that the PS3 doesn’t really need 2 subcontroller’s so it is infact the same price as the Kinect and again the Wii doesn’t need the $100 balance board so it would simply be another $60 to get the second batch of controllers.

We are going to be hearing a lot about who is the most affordable option moving forward and in my humble opinion it goes Wii > Xbox 360 > PS3

But really it’s all going to be about the games in the end and the sad truth of the mater is that you are going to need all 3 consoles to truly satisfy your gaming needs.

Last Updated: July 21, 2010

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