Microsoft's motion sensing camera now a certainty?

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It’s not often that I get to reference The Wall Street Journal while finding stories for this site and that is because the WSJ (as it’s affectionately known) doesn’t peddle in rumours or gaming news in general actually.

However this does go to show how important it is that Microsoft gets this motion sensing ability right and how much is at stake here.

According to all the Internet rumours Microsoft has purchased a company by the name of 3DV Systems which is an Israeli owned firm that has invented a fantastically accurate motion sensing camera. As the rumour goes, Microsoft has been hard at work with this team for around a year now perfecting the technology and integrating it into the Xbox 360.

You can also bet that they have had secret talks with all the main software suppliers and at launch we will be treated to a vast array of motion sensing games. I would also think that Microsoft will be virtually giving away this accessory as they have a lot of ground to make up on Nintendo right now.

There are also rumours that Sony is bringing the same basic idea to market but by all accounts it’s whoever has signed 3DV that is going to win this mini battle.

Expect to hear more about this at E3 this year.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Last Updated: May 14, 2009

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