Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s local physical copies delayed until Thursday

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Despite the egregious loot boxes and the endgame content being completely blown out of proportion, I genuinely did enjoy Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. It’s one of my top ten games of the year, a sprawling sandbox that makes liberal use of its source material to tell its own tale. It’s massive, has dozens of hours of contents and it’ll leave you caring for a gang of smelly fat Orcs as if they were slightly better smelling members of your own family.

A great game, that many people locally can’t wait to start playing tomorrow. Digitally that is, because physical copies will be delayed until Thursday. So says AWN Nexus, who broke the news of those pesky Uruk-Logistics resulting in a two day delay. It sucks, I want you guys to have fun but hey: At least it’s only two days.

Last Updated: October 9, 2017

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