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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War revealed, launches this August

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Shadow of Mordor sequel leaked

Following a leak just yesterday, Warner Bros. have revealed the sequel to their critical hit Shadow of Mordor. Titled Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, players will once again follow Talion, a ranger seeking revenge on Sauron for the murder of his family, and Celebrimbor, the creator of the Ring of Power that acts as the McGuffin for the entire franchise. Turns out making one of those pesky pieces of jewellery isn’t too difficult, as our two protagonists craft their own to take on the forces of Mordor in this sequel.

Take a look at the rather stunning cinematic trailer below:

Warner Bros. have promised a gameplay reveal on March 8th (which quells that Batman rumour now), through which they hope to show just how far the Nemesis system has grown over the years. Players of Shadow of Mordor will recall the intricate system and how it created meaningful relationships between you and your enemies. Building an dynamic hierarchy of Orcs that you could both cull and infiltrate with differing strategies was one of the highlights of the original title, and Sauron only knows how its improved.

If the trailer is anything to go by too, it seems that this fight will impact more of the regions outside of Mordor too. Shadow of Mordor was rather insular, only really concerned with the Orc politics of the region and Talion’s quest alone. But this trailer shows the impact of the Orcs across neighbouring lands, which begs the question of whether Talion will get to visit these regions through the course of the game.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War launches on August 22nd. It’s coming out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Notably, Shadow of War will be a Microsoft Play Anywhere title (buy once across Xbox One and Windows 10), and will also feature Scorpio support. Neat.

Last Updated: February 27, 2017

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