Mike Bithell’s new game is a VR expansion

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I had a bit of a squeal when I saw on twitter that Mike Bithell was preparing to announce a new game yesterday. Then I got the official email about it, and while it’s still sounding rather cool and exciting, it’s nowhere near as impressive as it would have been if he’d just followed Geoff’s advice to make a survival horror title like all the other indies.


No, the new project is actually an expansion for Volume and as explained in the fun email sent to me by my friend my stalking victim Mr Bithell, you’ll be playing as The Troubleshooter in 30 new campaign levels that continue on from the events of the game. But, this will all be done on PlayStation VR. No, that doesn’t mean he knows when it’s launching, but it does sound like he’s rather pleased with it:

The existing story and user generated content of the game will all be playable in VR, and players will be able to create new content in VR too. And level editing in VR is, well, it’s awesome.

I think I’ll have to see it to believe it. I just can’t imagine playing it all in VR, but maybe that’s because I don’t automatically imagine games in first person perspective unless I feel like making myself queasy. Still, while the game alone might not ship VR units, it will definitely be a nice addition to the catalogue at launch. Combine this with the rumor that No Man’s Sky will also be a VR launch title and we might have to start calling it Virtual Indie Reality.

Last Updated: October 23, 2015

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