Million selling games by console – 3rd Season

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Millionaire Games

Back in January we started a semi-regular feature looking at how many million selling games each console had.

In the previous generation the PS2 was clearly the winner with over 198 titles shipping over a million units. However this generation is starting a little differently..

PlayStation 3

Sony’s black beast now has 16 titles which have sold over a million units and increase of 6 units since April which leaves it tied in the improvement stakes with the Nintendo Wii.

A nice improvement since the last round where it came last.

Nintendo Wii

While the Nintendo Wii only increased it’s million count by 3 units it still leading the PS3 in overall stakes as it now has a total of 28 titles in the ranks, a lead of 12 against the PS3.

if Nintendo doesn’t kick it up a bit it may well end up being remembered as the console with no decent games.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is currently the undisputed leader in this race with a total of 43 titles in the millionaire table, a lead of 15 over the Wii and also an 8 point increase over it’s January toll which puts it comfortably in front of the improvement stats as well.

The 360 has overtaken it’s last gen total of 37… which was the lowest of all the previous gen machines.

  Last Gen Now April January
Xbox 37 43 35 31
Nintendo 39 28 22 16
Sony 198 16 10 7 | Worldwide Million Sellers

Last Updated: October 3, 2008

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