Minecraft Community Post–Texture packs and security reviews

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Happy Birthday OVG

So last week I posted our first Minecraft community post that was received quite well but we still haven’t received any other local Minecraft youtube links so this week again, and for the foreseeable future I’m going to be posting my kids’ latest videos.. because nepotism.

If you have any favourite channels let everyone know and even better if you can point me in the direction of other local Minecraft casters.

This week my youngest daughter (9) has posted her first video and it’s a review of a texture pack for Minecraft. Let us know, nicely, what needs to be improved and what would help you as a fellow Minecrafter in these videos.

Next up we have my elder daughter’s security mod review:

And the follow up prequel to the original Hunger Games review

The size of the Minecraft community still blows me away and the number of mods and texture packs to review are endless. Now to figure out how to make a Lazygamer texture pack that puts Lagz on everything.

Last Updated: January 9, 2014

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