Minecraft Monday: Just look at that castle plus win a copy of Minecraft

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The guys and girls on our Minecraft server have really been working hard this week with this latest gallery of screenshots showing us some incredible castles, angry birds, vikings and even a Ferris wheel.

Check out these screenshots of what is currently being built on the server and remember if you are on the server already you can protect your constructions from damage thanks to a handy mod that Gareth added so make sure you activate that.

2014-03-16_15.57.57 2014-03-16_15.57.442014-03-16_15.56.29 2014-03-16_15.56.172014-03-16_15.54.18 2014-03-16_15.50.012014-03-16_15.49.47 2014-03-16_15.49.062014-03-16_15.48.28 2014-03-16_15.48.142014-03-16_15.47.50 2014-03-16_15.47.372014-03-16_15.46.35 2014-03-16_15.46.022014-03-16_15.45.11 2014-03-16_15.45.012014-03-16_15.44.53 2014-03-16_15.43.572014-03-16_15.42.33 2014-03-16_15.42.282014-03-16_15.42.12 2014-03-16_15.41.37

How smurftastic is that hey?

As always thanks to Astral Game Servers for our community Minecraft server and if you are in need of a Minecraft, Terraria, Team Fortress 2 or Starbound server then hit them up through this pretty affiliate link Get your own Minecraft server now

And if you’re a fan of Minecraft then come and join us on our server minecraft.lazygamer.net:25655

And last but definitely not least we have the first episode of Mr Blockemz which is bizarrely brilliant.

So you think you can take on the experts in Minecraft but just don’t have the cash on hand? Well our local Minecraft guru, Gareth Bockel, has very kindly donated a licence for us to give away.

To stand a chance of winning your very own copy of Minecraft just let us know in the comments below what the coolest screenshot above is and why?

Last Updated: March 17, 2014

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