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Mirror’s Edge Demo Review

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Mirror's Edge

The Mirror’s Edge demo was finally released this week and I started the download with a little apprehension as I was really looking forward to this game but wasn’t sure if they would be able to pull it off.

Well to cut to the chase, the game is awesome. The demo is horribly intelligently short and really helps build the hype around the game.

My biggest questions around the game were whether or not the controls would be workable and enjoyable. Well DICE took a different technique by moving the jump button from (A) to the left bumper which seemed like a horrendous idea but in reality it works perfectly.

The combat is jarring however and I hope that is kept to a minimum in the full game as jumping over buildings and climbing up drain pipes is more than enough entertainment to keep me going.

From someone who suffers from vertigo I can say that they capture the thrill and fear of heights perfectly.

If you haven’t downloaded the demo yet and are unsure about the game then I highly recommend downloading it, if you don’t have the cap left and were going to download it just to see if it’s good then don’t worry. It is good and well worth the money when it gets released.

Time to apply for a second overdraft.

Last Updated: November 3, 2008

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