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Miyamoto “Embarrassed” by Super Mario Bros.

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I look back on Super Mario Bros with equal parts fondness and reverence. It’s a game that defined the platform genre, and catapulted Nintendo’s first home console to the incredibly lofty successes it experienced, and stands as one of the most important games ever created.

The game’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto doesn’t look back on it with as much awe as the rest of the gaming world though, admitting that looking at it now, on a big screen TV is a "a little embarrassing".

"When I see this so clearly,” he said, of seeing the game presented on an HDTV “it’s little embarrassing."

He explains: "Back then, with tube televisions, it was a little blurrier and the images weren’t quite so sharp. The places where we tried to fudge it a bit really stand out!"  He later said "I think that if I were making that game today, I would fix it," before conceding that "but in a way those rough places are a part of the game and even well-received."

I don’t know if he’s just incredibly modest, or over-critical of himself..but creating the game that single-moustachedly revived video-gaming after the infamous crash of 1983? Yeah, I’d be ashamed as well.

Source : Iwata Asks

Last Updated: October 12, 2010

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  1. Gavin Mannion

    October 13, 2010 at 08:20

    I want to know where they fudged it… it must stick out like a sore thumb to him but I doubt anyone else has ever noticed


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