Miyamoto wants to work on the next big hit for Nintendo

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If you were to take a look at the core games of Nintendo, such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda, you’d find the majority of those games were chart-topping hits whenever they debuted, no doubt thanks to legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto.

But the man behind some of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises isn’t content with his latest role in supervising these games, and longs to create something fresh and new for Nintendo, as Miyamoto feels that such work should in fact be his “basic job”.

"I am spending more time than before on finding new ideas for new developments,"Miyamoto told Nintendo investors, "rather than focusing my energy on work in my teams in order to solidify the contents of (existing) franchise titles."

Miyamoto explained that his current role of nurturing development teams that were busy with projects based on the Nintendo heavy-hitting franchises has allowed for him to have some extra time lately, time that Miyamoto has spent working on new ideas.

"There have been many people who have observed how Mr. Miyamoto works," Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said.

Or have been left in situations where they have to take on more significant responsibility without being allowed to be dependent upon Mr. Miyamoto.

I am confident that people are growing. Even for the development fields that required Mr. Miyamoto’s involvement in the past, the situation is changing.

Miyamoto then went on to describe his ideal working environment, saying that the “the ideal situation” would be one in which

I do not have to give any direction”. Of course, I do not let everyone go totally unchecked. I supervise whenever necessary.

I am acting with the understanding that one big hit title can change multiple phases of a situation in the entertainment business, and I feel that finding such one big hit is my basic job.

Miyamoto has been focusing on more casual games as of late, such as the Wii series of sports, music and fitness games, but the idea of seeing the iconic developer working on a title that can stand tall next to the games that made Nintendo so popular is an exciting possibility.

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The Wii U would certainly benefit from such a game at least.

Last Updated: February 1, 2012

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