Modern Warfare 2 Breaks First Day Sales Record – For Like, Everything

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Modern Warfare 2’s release was always going to be huge, I knew it, you knew it, heck your granny probably even knew it.

The question was always going to be, how big? Well here’s how big. Modern Warfare 2 broke the record by being the biggest launch in the history of any form of entertainment, pulling in roughly 2.1 Billion Rand between the UK and the US on it’s first friggin’ day.

Activision announced that the game moved 4.7 million units at launch and then proceeded to talk a bunch of crap about how it’s because people know that the brand is so amazing and so on.

What can I say, the game is damn good. The single player has been a blast for me so far, spec ops is great and the multiplayer is almost in a league of its own. At least now Activision have 2.1 Billion rand more to spend on creating other half-assed sequels for some of their other franchises, yay!  

Source: Videogamer

Last Updated: November 13, 2009

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