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Modern Warfare 2 Leaked, Leaderboards to be reset

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It’s just over a week until the single most anticipated release of the year, Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 hits our shelves. As a slap to the face of paying customers, Xbox 360 pirates are already playing the game – and despite Microsoft’s recent banhammer party, they’re still doing so, even on Xbox Live.

In what is cold comfort for legitimate users eager to play the game, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has confirmed that at the very least the game’s leaderboards, as well as player levels are going to be reset just prior to the game’s release – so the dodgy pirates don’t have an unfair advantage. Well, other than the unfair advantage of playing the game early, and for free.

As for the pirates who’ve been playing on live? Robert Bowling had this to say :

They’re listed on the leaderboards. Logging online with a modded Xbox is like sewing a big red scarlet letter on yourself.

So while the less honest gamers among you may have dodged the banhammer this time, expect to be smacked the next time it comes rolling.

Source : Gamersdigest

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Last Updated: November 2, 2009

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