Modern Warfare 2 Patched, Still full of Glitches

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The nasty Javelin Glitch, which turned people in to idiot Kamikazes has been fixed. So too the Care package glitch which allowed for unlimited crates to rain down from the sky. So Modern Warfare 2 should be pretty close to being exploit free then, right?

Well, no. Seems there are at least two prevalent glitches or exploits that are still being used. The first of which is said to be created by modders, but which is able to spread – much like a virus. It seems to break the game’s ammo counters, making all guns have unlimited ammo. Now that may sound fun, but realise that it affects n00btubes and grenades as well – and bajillions of explosions everywhere do not a fun experience make.

The second glitch is and Xbox 360 specific one that apparently affects matchmaking. Certain scummy players have been able to set up private games that act as public matches, allowing them to tweak the match to the hearts content, but still earn XP and the related bonuses. The worst part of it is that people searching for regular public matches often unwittingly get pulled in to these frankenstein private matches – even though they’re not the gametypes they’re searching for.

Other aspects of this glitch allow you to kill teammates, but have their deaths count towards your K/D ratio and score – and even killstreaks. Naturally, this is leading to a heck of a lot of douchebaggery. Way to go and spoil the fun, jackasses.

Infinity Ward have promised to look in to and patch the problems – but I feel this could have all been avoided if they employed a public beta like they did with the first Modern Warfare, instead of being cocky and arrogant about it.

Sources : Kotaku, Video-Game forums

Last Updated: December 15, 2009

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