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Cheaters banned during Valorant’s beta won’t get a second chance

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Valorant is here and it’s making waves in the online shooter community. Honestly, I have to imagine that all those folks that grew very tired of all the brown and green in Counter Strike: Global Offensive are just enjoying playing a shooter that actually has some colour in it. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that the beta for Riot’s latest project was such a hit on Twitch when ran for a couple months. Yet just like any competitive shooter, Valorant is no stranger to cheating, even during that initial live testing period. Riot’s been very proactive in banning hackers and they intend on keeping them out of the game.

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When Valorant launched on June 2, Riot made it very clear that they were wiping every player’s account, requiring everyone to start from scratch (minus the experience, of course). All those players that were banned for cheating were expecting to have the strikes against their name included in that blank slate. Yet that wasn’t the case as after the account refresh, all those caught hackers were still banned. Of course, all those affected went to Discord and Twitter to whine about the fact that they were still banned, clearly thinking they didn’t deserve to be punished at all.


One banned cheater even slid into Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent’s Twitter DMs to complain only be met with the satisfying response of, “Sorry, no second chance for cheaters.” Yeah, you tell ‘em, Nicolo! Hopefully Riot can keep up with their strict anti-cheat policy because the extremely fast time-to-kill in Valorant means that hacking is not only incredibly effective but also even more annoying to lose to.

Last Updated: June 4, 2020

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