Modern Warfare 2 to re-enable Xbox Live Chat?

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It is possibly the only negative thing that I can come up with for Modern Warfare 2 and it now looks like it may be going the way of the DoDo.

I’m talking about the inability to stay in a private Xbox Live party chat while playing certain game modes in MW2. Originally it was thought that this was introduced to avoid cheating while a player was dead but seeing that all the game types (bar one possibly) consist of quickly respawning the idea that a dead team mate could be feeding you unfair information seems a little weak.

It was then mentioned that the other possible reason was to help maintain the social aspect of the game, especially for those single players joining up but that doesn’t really sound like a good enough reason for the party chat ban to be enforced and now it appears that Activision agree.

According to the rumour, the Infinity Wards community manager, Robert Bowling, has announced that the non-feature has not been a success and as such will be removed in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately I can’t find anything to back this up right now but I hope it’s true.

Source: AnalogHype

Last Updated: November 25, 2009

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