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Modern Warfare 4 “facts have been confused”

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Bill Murray set’s things straight after rumours began last week that he’ll be voicing price in Modern Warfare 4. Infinity Ward also felt the need to chip in, but hasn’t denied the existence of the game.

Last week a fan posted on This Is Xbox, that Captain Price’s voice actor said that he’ll soon be off to Activision to discuss his role in the next Call of Duty game, butMurray posted a tweet stating that the article is not accurate.


The game in question appears to be Call of Duty online, but even though Infinity Ward shot down Murray’s involvement they have not denied that the game is in the making or at least exists or, is planned, or whatever. Modern warfare 4 is rumoured to be in production with the aid of Tony hawk creators Neversoft.

So I think it’s almost safe to say that yes the title is being made and yes there are several mixed feelings about whether another Modern Warfare should be made. I think it kind of becomes lame when a title goes beyond number three. Maybe they just aren’t very good at naming their games… How far can it go? Modern Warfare XIV? I’m not against Call of Duty titles releasing “annually” like Battlefield titles, I just feel like they need to be a bit more creative.

Last Updated: November 6, 2012

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