Darryn loves Peter Molyneux. No really, he loves to hate him. Molyneux may be one of the “fathers of gaming”, but his wild and crazy rants have lost him a lot of respect in recent years. In fact, he’s more like that uncle that shows up for Christmas, drinks all the good whiskey and then buggers off. Now, he’s raving about Godus, and admitting to his flaws.

Speaking to Edge, Molyneux was desperate to explain that his game was not a remake of Populous. Godus is meant to be enormous, with a persistent, cross-platform connected world where players can build and evolve their own civilization. He wants to bring back the God genre:

What we’re going for here is the reinvention of an entire genre. For me that started when games like Farmville and Cityville started to be called God games […] I had a bit of a tantrum [over that]… it resulted in me leaving Microsoft and starting an entire studio. I just feel that there hasn’t been a God game for quite a long time, it is a viable format and it’s a format that should be reinvented to bring it up to the 21st century.

Carrying on with his tantrums and immaturity, Molyneux explains the reason Godus is the size of Jupiter:

I’ll be completely honest with you, we didn’t actually need the size of Jupiter – it’s just that Markus Persson announced that Minecraft was the size of Neptune. So childishly I had to say we’re going to be the size of the biggest planet in the solar system.

I seriously wonder about Molyneux. Godus sounds like an interesting concept. I’m just not sure I’m willing to support him at this point. There are plenty of other good games out there – I’ll wait to see if his “free to invest” world catches on. In the meantime, perhaps the father of gaming needs to grow up.

Last Updated: September 27, 2013

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