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Molyneux: Great games, not enough gamers

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How many people to do you know of that play a game? Your gran probably likes to fling some Angry Birds on her cellphone at those f$%cking pigs (You’re embarrassing me nana), while it’s pretty easy to rope in a parent to give a racing game a twirl. Everyone is a gamer these days. But according to Peter Molyneux, that’s just not enough.

Speaking at the Montreal International Game Summit, Molyneux said that games weren’t exactly living up to their promise of uniting the entire planet into one massive gaming collective. “Back in the ’80s, the dream that we all had in this industry was that we would be truly another form of entertainment,” Molyneux said.

You know what? To a certain extent we failed on that dream. We failed in it because we’ve made some fantastic experiences for a very small number of people. Now is the opportunity to make fantastic, amazing, unique experiences, to use all this technology to make amazing, delightful, incredible worlds for millions of people.

Molyneux then shifted gears to talk about his current social gaming experiment, and it’s “predictable” artistic expressions that had been chiselled into the Cube so far by players that had been dicking around;

Far and away, the most number of single pictures have been penises.

Still, at least there are groups out there who take the time to make some actual art on the Cube, for a few brief seconds before new users chip it all away. I’ve got to disagree with Molyneux here, as pretty much everyone with an electronic device is open to gaming these days.

The numbers are there, but it’s the content that actually needs to catch up. And let’s be honest, a vapid tap game with the promise of a payoff is not the kind of content that people want to see.

My money is that inside the Cube, awaits the corpse of that other abandoned Molyneux creation, Milo. Tap that one out.

Last Updated: November 15, 2012

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