Mom sells kids old NES system.. For R100 000

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Have you ever seen that show “Cash in the Attic”? Well if not then congratulations on having a better life than I do and for the rest of your poor suckers, stand firm apparently it gets better.

But onto the story of the day, a mom in North Carolina decided to clean out some old rubbish she had lying around and put a NES with 5 games up for sale on eBay for $9.99.

However very quickly the price jumped up to over $1000 and a flood of questions arrived about a certain game in the collection entitled

Stadium Events

Which just happens to be the rarest NES game to be published in North America and for some people this is a major thing. At the end of the auction the now shell shocked mom was sitting with $13 105 or in real terms, R100 124… not bad for a spot of spring cleaning.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: February 15, 2010

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