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Monday Box Office Report – Can The Expendables sparkle?

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Senior citizen violence, paranormal entities and a sparkling musical all made debuts this past weekend at the box office, but only one could be king. And when you shove a dazzling singer and a claymated child into a ring with senior citizens that have more human growth hormones in their circulatory system than actual blood, the outcome is going to be pretty clear.Sparkle took the box office by storm, as the soulful musical stylings of Jordin Sparks proved to be just too much and I can’t keep typing this, I’m guffawing my ass off as you read it.

It was The Expendables 2 who reigned supreme, blasting their way to victory with an above average opening weekend gross, proving once again that age ain’t but a thang. Here’s a look at who made what:

  • The Expendables 2 – $28.7 Million
  • The Bourne Legacy – $17 Million
  • ParaNorman – $14 Million
  • The Campaign $13.3 Million
  • Sparkle $12 Million
  • The Dark Knight Rises $11.1 Million
  • The odd life of Timothy Green $10.9 Million
  • Hope Springs $9.1 Million
  • Diary of a wimpy kid: Dog Days $3.8 Million
  • Total Recall $3.5 Million

This past weekend saw Ted, Ice Age and Step Up Revolution bow out of the top ten, while Total Recall continued to bomb so hard, that the resulting effect could only be called JohnCarterian.

Only with much less missed opportunity fallout. Total Recall has so far made $109 million worldwide. The budget alone was $125 million, not counting the advertising either.

Last Updated: August 20, 2012

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